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We Use

Taber Seed Cleaning Co-operative Association Ltd. provides our customers with a multitude of services to fit their needs.


Seperates by running product over a selected screen size, then uses air tunnels to pull out the light debree will scalp and sift product.


Seperates product by length from short to long.

Gravity table

Seperates based on density using air and eccentrics to separate light forien material


Polish and clips oats, removes beards from barley and used on some special crops

Colour sorter

Optical seperation adds great value to a variety of commodities (uses camera sensors that signal air injectors to blow out selected rejects)

Scalper Asperator

Removes rocks, straw, large chunks of forien material with a rotary screen and air seperation

USC seed treater

We calibrate and treat into a hopper bin with load cells to accuratly apply the right amount of chemical

Seed Testing drop off for 20/20 seed labs and Bio Vision seed labs.

We are an Authorized Establishment for pedigreed seed licensed with CFIA,CSI and are certified applicators with Alberta Environment for seed treatments and licensed with Health Canada for hemp processing. We can process cereals, pulses and hemp for seeding needs and a processor of hemp for human consumption.